Franchise Business Opportunities in India – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala

Franchise Business Opportunity in India

Unveiling India’s open secret with a golden franchise opportunities

 The gold buying market is a niche category created from the existing market reality in India. The pioneering leaders Attica Gold Company offer an irresistible franchisee opportunities in no competition segment to own a safe and successful franchise to fulfill your business dreams. Ready markets, Assured returns, highly professional and transparent operations with the added advantage of job satisfaction of doing socially responsible work with client focus  is on offer.

Attica Gold is a well known brand in South India especially in Karnataka with total 16 branches opened across Karnataka in a short span of one year. Attica Group has planned to expand its business across India and in its first phase, Attica Group is targeting to cover the entire tier I, II, III cities of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Kerala.

We have planned to open more than 200+ branches across all mentioned five states in coming one year. Attica Group is inviting any individual to become either business partner or Franchisee.

Attica Group is a good option for the individual who want to start own business but have only limited budget or lacking business ideas, staff training issues, business set-ups problem, etc. Attica Gold group is the best option as it is a brand name in Karnataka and has trained staffs and it takes care of all day to day business operation.

Attica Gold is offering two types FOFO and FOCO franchisee opportunities where the prospective business partner will own a Franchise with very low investment and will receive fixed high returns plus profit sharing. Attica Gold Company is offering new franchise business opportunity in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala India in its first phase of business expansion.

Are You Ready for it???

Why choose Attica Gold Company Franchise

Attica Gold is world’s first gold buying company that offers a franchise opportunity, The first ever golden opportunities to earn and enjoy with no risk and least tensions. Do you still need more reasons? Here are our Top 6 reasons to Choose Attica Franchise for your success.

Recession Proof Industry

Attica Gold Company is perhaps the only industry driven by recession. Yes under economic pressures the company’s niche markets begin to thrive. The regular markets are already open to exploration and service needs but in down times be ready to do brisk business.

No Competition

Yes Attica is the pioneer in creating this industry. We are the only organized players and valid entities to operate this business in across India. Attica Gold Company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and is a market leader that is driving quality to this industry with professionalism, organized process and team work in this industry.

Low Investment – Assured Hassle free Returns

Attica offers a low investment option for those seeking assured returns and a business growth simultaneously. Attica offers a 365 annual returns and a minimum guaranteed earnings and variable guaranteed earnings making it a lucrative franchise offer even to a novice entrepreneurs trying to scale the world of business.

Growing Markets

The gold loan market in India is a staggering 40000 – 45000 crores worth market including the organized and unorganized sector presently operating in India. Research studies on the market provide statistical data that reveals that 50% – 60% people, who pledge gold for liquid cash, do not return to release it due to many reasons; losing their precious gold to lower price than actual worth. Attica has stepped in, to capitalize this lacuna in the market by mobilizing instant cash for release and sale thereafter at the current market value. This is an established market by itself.

Brand Expansion

Attica is a vision driven brand to be a socially responsible leader in this market segment. The brand will be well articulated to build an empathy and rapport with the audience with clients’ referrals driving sales for the company in future. Professional marketing and branding agencies are to look into the growth and recall of the brand.

Franchisers Experience

Every franchise success demands on the depth of knowledge and know how of the market, in short the franchisers experience. That we have in abundance. About a decade of hard core hands on experience in the operational transactions of gold buying in its earlier form.Mr. Bommanahalli Babu, Chairman Attica Gold Company is a veteran in the trade who understood the fluidity in the market that was creating ill effects for both the business and the clients who are looked down upon. It’s his vision to create a brand that will emerge as a socially responsible leader in reaching out to the market plagued with mistrust, stigma and unorganized operations adding to the woes of the clients.


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